Lac Cameron Lake

This is the web page for the people of Lac Cameron Lake. It is a place to go for information, to catch up with the news, to see what is coming up in the way of meetings and events. And to see some beautiful pictures.

Lac Cameron is a small lake, situated in Quebec, about 90 minutes drive north of Ottawa. At our best guess, the lake has around 100 cottages. It is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful lake.

An association of the cottagers has been set up to protect the environment. This is APELC - the Association for the Protection of the Environment for Lac Cameron.

We encourace all cottage owners to submit articles or pictures of the lake, or the people of the lake. Also please share any news or cottage tips that you feel may be of general interest. Welcome to our website.

Latest news.

JP Rondeau Retires from the Road Committee

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A meeting was held at the town hall in Bouchette to discuss plans for maintenance of the road. JP Rondeau chaired the meeting, which was attended by representatives of 18 cottages. A motion was put forward to continue with the status quo, a fixed charge of $150 for all cottagers, giving year round access. A vote was taken, and 11 voted in favour of the motion, with five against, and two abstentions. The motion was therefore carried, and this is the plan that will be pursued for the coming year.

Various other motions included a charge of $100 for summer only, were briefly discussed. Several people expressed very strong views, and it was difficult to see any consensus. JP expressed concern at the difficulty in collecting money last year. As there was no general agreement, on any matters of substance, JP announced that he was not prepared to continue as chair, and would step down from the committee. I (John Rivenell) asked for volunteers to step forward to take the chair. None offered. We thus have no formal committee at this point. I will be acting as caretaker, and have had several offers of assistance from Natalie, Cheryl and others. The meeting broke up in some disarray. Watch this space for further news.

Note: at the meeting, the work that JP Rondeau has put in over the last years for maintenance of the road was acknowledged, and the meeting expressed their thanks.

I had offered some notes and some thoughts on the options for the road. They will be published here in due course.

we would like to hear your thoughts and comments on the meeting, on the road, or on any other matters related to Cameron Lake.

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News from 2007

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Other items.

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